We are PÓG

The meaning behind PÓG jewellery

The tale of PÓG begins with the hands and mind of Melissa Curry; a celebrated Irish designer and concept artist.

To find the heart of PÓG, we turn the page to the beginning of the story where Melissa Curry found herself on the path home. After 15 years living in Paris, Melissa returned to Dublin where she soon felt alone. The roots that once tied her to Ireland felt like a stranger.
It was in that space of disconnect that gave PÓG its first breath. With the hope of forging a modern symbol of love for the new generation, Melissa chose the Irish word for kiss (PÓG) to represent the gentle affection she envisioned.
Inspired by the traditional Irish Claddagh ring, Melissa reimagined these symbols of Irish culture and heritage. It was in the absence of her own roots to Ireland that she created a bridge of connection to all who felt lost.


Like a lighthouse out at sea, PÓG has been lighting a path home to the Irish diaspora across the globe.

As the story unfolds so does the heart of PÓG: love and friendship.
It’s this core value that matters to us and to the people who wear and share PÓG. These inclusive pieces were designed for all meanings of love, each care we share for the individual people in our lives.
Our collection is made with a pinch of fun and a sprinkle of versatility.

How to wear your PÓG is up to YOU

How you wear your PÓG is up to you! You can wear it outwards if you’re single or turn it inwards if you have someone special. Sharing a place in our heart is the importance of mental health.
PÓG proudly supports the work of Jigsaw, a charity that provides essential mental health support to young people. Our latest addition includes sensory jewellery specifically designed to help alleviate anxiety. These pieces are bursting with playful personality; featuring a ‘fidget’ spinning element to soothe during stressful moments. At PÓG, we continue to develop new and sustainable accessories that underpin our values.


Our special message to you

Coming to the end of our story, yet we’re far from end of our journey. PÓG shares the vibrancy of what Ireland is today; highlighting our young and diverse progressive culture. We are love and kisses, ready to connect with those you love and miss!