We are PÓG

Where it all started

Melissa Curry is a leading Irish designer and concept artist. On her return to Dublin after 15 years living and designing in Paris, she felt alone and disconnected from her Irish roots. Drawing from the Claddagh, Melissa has reimagined these meaningful symbols of Irish culture and heritage. PÓG breathes new life and spirit into our traditions, propelling them into a constantly evolving world and connecting with 21st-century Ireland and the modern diaspora, through inclusive and sensory designs.

What we mean

Love and Kindness is the heart of PÓG, it’s what matters to us and to the people who wear and share PÓG. That’s why we have merged the word PÓG (meaning ‘kiss’ in Irish) and a little X (a universal symbol of sentiment) to create a concept that is both meaningful and fun.

How to wear your PÓG is up to YOU

Our jewellery pieces are symbolic, playful and tactile, designed with with two sides. When you wear PÓG outwards you are single. And when you wear your PÓG inwards you are taken.  

Our special message to you

PÓG has been specifically designed as an Irish connector that can be sent to friends and loved ones all around the world. PÓGs are meaningful yet fun; packed with sentiment (but not sentimental). PÓG shares the vibrancy of what Ireland is today, highlighting our young, diverse and progressive culture. PÓG kisses are always ready to connect you with your loved ones!